We are More than Just a Surf School! 

Godfathers of the Ocean surf school opened for business in April 2001, it was established by Krista Barry wife of former World Professional Surf Michael ‘Munga’ Barry.

Their drive and passion created a surf school business that embraces a passion for all persons to enjoy the thrill of surfing and the healthy lifestyle that it brings.

Both Krista and Micahel come from elite sporting backgrounds, Krista and Michael's enthusiasm towards health and fitness particularly water sports and surfing in general is the driving force behind their surf school philosophy to encourage all persons to give it a go! A surf school that is philathropic, and passionate about water safety, emotional well-being of all persons and the development and knowledge of the ocean that surfing offers.

Godfathers surf school is based at Burleigh Heads, one of the World’s most famous surfing locations.

Krista Barry

  • Former World Ranked & Australian Swimming Representative and Australian Institute Of Sport Swimmer
  • Vast experience in Events & Marketing, an Entrepeneur with Degrees in Business & Human Resources
  • Mentor/ Business & Transformational Life Coach (Passionate about the emotional development of children and young adults)
  • Philantrhopist
  • Co- Founder & Director of Godfathers Foundation: Formerly an organization that was supported by the World's best Surfers including some of the best Ironmen and Australian Swimmers past and present. Providing awareness and fundraising for local and International charites and environmental groups.

Michael ‘Munga’ Barry

  • Competed for 12 Years on the Surfing World Champion Tour (WCT)