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January 29, 2014

But the icing on the cake is this photo of Munga Barry at Sunset in which Kelly Slater remarks about his favourite surf photo. “It is Munga taking off on a 12ft peak at Sunset”

Hey, even I would call this way bigger than 12 feet. This wave requires balls of steel, but do you hear people telling Kelly he under calls waves? Well, who knows, but lets listen to the rest of Kelly’s story about this wave.

“I was about 10 feet farther out from him when he turned to catch it, He really needed to get through this heat and was prepared to take a risk, but this was a heavy wave. The wind was blowing about 25 knots offshore and I thought I was way to late to take it, so I paddled over it looking for the next one. Munga was right behind me and he flipped around and took off. I couldn’t believe it, I thought for sure he had just killed himself, but that drop turned out to be one of the great surf photos of all time.”

So, do we really know any more about how to call wave heights? No, probably not, just call them as you see them, argue, then payout your over calling mates and have some fun.

I would love to hear your comments and give your calls on how big the waves are in some of the photos….let’s keep this argument going.


Munga vs the Late Andy Irons in the Pipe Masters 1998 - memories in 18secondmag

January 15, 2014