Head surf coach, Munga features in the 50 Years of Surfing in QLD - 90's

January 14, 2015

Link to video: http://www.coastalwatch.com/videos/13852/video-50-years-of-surfing-in-qld

Sunday Surf Lessons just awesome!

January 11, 2015

 Sunday surf lessons are awesome...Much happening down at Burleigh Heads today, always the place to be!

Go Girls!

January 10, 2015

While we were running lessons yesterday it was great to see some very young female grommets going out for a surf at Burleigh Point.

So very Cute!

Awesome time of the year for a surf lesson with Godfathers of the Ocean Surf School

November 09, 2014

Beautiful Burleigh Beach - We are blessed!


Godfathers of the Ocean Surf School host Singapore School Rugby groups

October 15, 2014

Singapore School Rugby teams take the challenge of learning to surf at Godfathers of the Ocean Surf School whilst visiting the coast this week!

Another group ready for a great surf lesson!

September 03, 2014

Another Beautiful Day down at Godfathers of the Ocean Surf School Burleigh Heads Beach!

August 07, 2014

Our UK visitors loving this Gold Coast weather and enjoying a lesson at our surf school..

Any time of the year is good for a surf here on the Gold Coast; below the Gold Coast Bulletin captured our son Kiarn having a ball at Burleigh last week.

August 04, 2014

Marymount College Students ready for an awesome surf lesson at our surf school this morning at Burleigh Heads

July 23, 2014

It was great to have Marymount College students back again enjoying our surf lessons!

United Kingdom customers stoked to have a lesson with Munga

July 17, 2014

It is never too cold for our customers, Godfathers of the Ocean Surf School recored one of its busiest days this year over the weekend, you have got to Love QLD weather!