Our commitment:

We are passionate about surfing, which is why we want to give you the best advice / tips for you to get out there and ride with the products that we recommend will enhance your surfing.

Ask any of our previous students that have had the chance to learn from us, they will note that allot has to do with the equipment you chose to use after you have learnt!

With over 30 years of surfing experience the best advice we can give you is, learn from other people’s mistakes.

When buying any surfing product, you need to know what, how, where & why. There are a lot of nice looking surfboards on the market and you don’t want to purchase something that is not right for your size & or experience.

Our expert recommendation will help you advance & better your surfing, save you money in the long run and help you enjoy & appreciate surfing for the rest of your life.

Like everything, our recommendations may not be for everyone, our recommendations come from our coaches and head coach with numerous years on the World Surfing Tour, being involved with the R&D of surf products over the years and our 17 years experience teaching people to surf.