Have you purchased the wrong board in the past?

Frustrated not catching waves, not able to paddle properly or just not progressing with your surfing?

Why don't you try a15 minute Surfboard Consultation with Munga!  

Godfathers of the Ocean online shop offers purely selected products that Munga recommends.

To ensure you purchase the right board you have an option of a surfboard sales consultation with Munga.

There are many factors to consider when purchasing a surfboard; height, weight, surf style and skill level. Over the past decade we have had many participants attend our surf school who are trying to advance their surf skills, what we have discovered was that many of these participants were sold the wrong board for their skill level or body type. With some corrections and proper advice from me, you will be assured to be riding the correct surfboard that can make all the difference in your surfing and enjoyment. 

Godfathers of the Ocean offer you a unique service with a consultation with head surf coach and former World Professional Surfer Michael ‘Munga’ Barry. Munga has had many years competing on the World Tour, coaching and teaching thousands of people how to surf. His knowledge is respected by many around the world, Munga has spent many years involved in the research and development in surfboard innovation and manufacturing, it is without saying that his knowledge is paramount when offering advice on surfing, surf equipment and accessories.

We recommend a consultation with Munga prior to purchase so that you are fully informed with your individual needs, complete details below for an enquiry or alternatively go straight through to purchase your 15 minute phone consultation with Munga CLICK HERE!